Your Live Video Blog: Butterfly TV

Butterfly TV lets you broadcast live your memories, skills, trips, informative and entertaining things live. It enables you to share your broadcast with your contacts, your facebook and twitter accounts while you are broadcasting.

Who can use Butterfly TV?
Video bloggers can add the value of “live” to their video blogs.
Tourists can broadcast live video and tell about the place they are visiting. It is really nice.
Event organizers can broadcast live their events to their web sites easily with Butterfly PI –

It is still in beta. If you think, something is missing or you come across a bug, let us know via comments or e-mail(

Android app on Google Play

*Broadcast live video in several resolutions
*Communicate with your audience via comments while you are broadcasting
*Embed your live stream player to your web site. (
*Get notified when your followings start to stream.
*Broadcast to specific people by private broadcasting feature.
*Share live video with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
*Watch other broadcasters’ videos.
*Signup through Facebook or Google+.
*Watch and share your videos later and delete whenever you want.

Here are bonus features that are only available in Butterfly:
*Broadcast live video from Drones.
*Broadcast live your events with Butterfly PI

Details about Broadcasting from Drones:

Butterfly is integrated to Phantom2 with GoPro4. Ardrone and GoPro4 are streamed live on Butterfly. You can access source code on Github and youtube video

Butterfly PI – DIY Portable Smart Camera

Butterfly PI is a DIY (do it yourself) security cam that you can control and watch live from Butterfly TV. More info.

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